Loyalty to Moral Principles, Not People

I couldn’t tell you the exact date, or even the specific infraction committed. I do remember the air of tension. The feeling of anxiety not knowing who did what and even worse, not knowing if the hammer would come down on me — feeling guilty and anxious for doing something I didn’t even know happened.

I’d describe the dust but that’d be cliche for a scene in Afghanistan. It’s always dusty except for the area immediately surrounding the Helmand river and its canals. But the geography and climate didn’t matter for the sake of this experience. …

How did a tiny tribe of desert nomads become so important to history?

Of all the tribes of people, why is it that a group of pastoral tribal nomads, who were minorities then and minorities now, seem to have such an enduring presence in our world? Because ideas and the details matter. Their ideas have stood the test of time and ended up shaping many assumptions we take today to be self-evident in Western civilization.

Throughout history, as far back as our hunter gatherer ancestors, humans thought in the form of symbols. And what they saw in their dreams and imaginations, just as we do today, were symbols for things that contained emotional…

Mapping Out Our Journey Toward Universal Human Equality

This is the first part of a series where I explore different aspects, events, and ingredients necessary for the concept of universal human equality. Not being the normal expectation throughout the majority of human history, I wanted to understand where the concept came from and how it has come to be “self-evident.” …

Impact vs. Intent.

No, not technically. But that’s the wrong question. What we should be asking is if its ideas are solid, coherent, and what are the fruits of its applications? Racism is the idea that someone’s race is superior to another race. Even though there is “color-consciousness” in critical race theory, it does not explicitly hold any race to be superior. But the structure of a critical theory requires this type of question because of something that makes critical theories unique in academia. They do not simply seek out knowledge or truth. They also tell us what to do with their perceived…

Understanding why two seemingly opposite ideas ended up saying the same things.

It has now become satirical how woke statements parallel what racists are stating. But it makes sense for people who share the same basic world view to speak using the same language and framework. The shared language and conclusions are but mere symptoms of a much deeper illness: a world view based on power struggles between groups of people divided primarily by race. While one group wants their own race to be on top, the other believes that it is time for other groups to “take their turn.” However, both are wrong. …

Political Power Plays

The idea of being colorblind is something I’ve been writing and thinking about quite a bit lately. I can’t get around this idea: If you’re not being colorblind, as defined by MLK, it’s just racism.

And to be clear, that concept of colorblind is nothing more than separating a person’s skin color from the content of their character. Don’t fall for anything else. It’s incredibly simple. Those two things are independent variables. And if you consider the opposition to that, it necessarily requires that a person take color into account when assessing the content of someone’s character. I’m sure you…

An elementary school is not a marketplace of ideas.


I don’t know about you, but I’m getting tired of the “CRT” in school debates. I put “CRT” in quotes as I understand that Critical Race Theory is a legal study not specifically being taught in schools. But the underlying presuppositions for its philosophy are what is being used to create some teaching materials in schools.

The latest incidence of “not CRT being taught in schools” involves an Atlanta mother who just filed a lawsuit involving her daughter being segregated into a black only class. A black mother is suing her school district for segregating her black daughter as directed…

Embarrassment is the Only Appropriate Response

Afghan Girls, Shutterstock

I’ve got mixed feelings about what’s going on in Afghanistan. After having been there twice, spending well more than a year in Helmand Provence, it feels a little bit like one of my homes. Like driving by old apartments and neighborhoods where I once lived, seeing pictures of the desert and the Helmand River in particular, I’m immediately transported back to both good times and bad times. Memories of some of my hardest and best days. Days which revealed character more than anything I had experienced prior.

Watching some of the videos coming out of Afghanistan, and seeing some of…

Ibram X. Kendi, meet Bill de Blasio


What does it mean to be racist? Can a policy be racist? Well, according to many “antiracist” activists and authors, esepcially the leading one, Ibram X. Kendi, we know exactly the answer to both of those questions.

“Racism is a marriage of racist policies and racist ideas that produces and normalizes racial inequities.” — Ibram X. Kendi

So how does this definition, that encompasses not only racism but the measurable inequities in society, apply to NY City’s new vaccination mandates?

The way the vaccine mandate is set up, there will be restrictions in place that require businesses to mandate proof…

We Cried Wolf, and the Chickens Are Coming Home to Roost


Telling the truth can be tricky. We’re often in a situation where we cannot see the immediate or practical advantages of doing so. And I’m not talking about telling the truth when a murderer knocks on your door and asks if your daughter is home. We are under no obligation to be truthful under physically coercive circumstances. I’m referring to the type of truth we expect from our institutions.

We often worry about what people will do with that truth, so we tell them what we think they need to know in order for them to do what we think…

Thomas St Thomas

I’ve got questions. Writing helps me find the answers. Husband, dad, Afghan vet, healthcare process consultant, former fitness guru.

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