A Rational Fear of Socialism

It’s Much Deeper Than Economic Policy

Image Credit: News Break

Collectives vs. Individuals

Essential to the view of socialism is the understanding of our societies, primarily, as groups of people. Of course there are individuals within those groups, but they are shaped by those groups and the primary means of analysis today and throughout history is to first look at people as members of groups.

Worshiping Reason

Once these groups are idealized and understood, socialism seeks to study the manner in which they interact and use human reasoning to create a structure that guides these groups towards a specific end. This end is usually referred to as utopia. It takes the ideas of the scientific revolution and applies them to the social sciences in order to understand and then guide whole nations of people. Well that doesn’t sound so bad. Why would anyone have a problem with that? Science and reason have done so much good for us. Why stop here?

I’ve got questions. Writing helps me find the answers. Husband, dad, Afghan vet, healthcare process consultant, former fitness guru.

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