“The Personal IS Political

When Progressives inadvertently say the quiet part out loud.

Thomas St Thomas


“The personal IS political!”

I remember this triumphant statement delivered with pride as if it was a declaration of victory. It came at the end of a back and forth through social media with a Progressive leader of sorts. I say that because it wasn’t a random person who just picked up the phrase from common parlance, but an educated physician, writer, and leader in the Progressive community. She knew what she was saying.

It’s a phrase often pulled out when a person tries to separate what their personal opinion is from what is thought to be the political, or what is public. It’s a means to reject the idea that “My opinion is my business and my personal feelings are exempt from your awareness much less your scrutiny.”

“The personal is political” forces people to out their feelings in a way that gives society ownership over them. It eliminates the right to secrets.

But here’s the problem: The phrase is fundamentally religious and couldn’t even exist outside of a Christian framework that separates the secular from the religious.

The Progressive Regression

To understand what a church or temple is for Christians and Jews, it’s best to think of them as a place where heaven and earth come together. Or at least it’s their best attempt to hold those things together or even to will those two concepts into one, while remaining distinct.

It’s not just heaven and earth as in two separate places, but as two separate concepts. You could think of these two concepts as the sacred and the profane, the divine and the mundane, or whatever is up above in a spiritual sense, and what is below in an earthly or material sense.

Either way, the fundamental view of the cosmos for these religions is that there are two realms. The realm of spirit, heaven, the sacred, the divine, and what is God’s up above. And whatever is below which is profane, mundane, or the material matter that makes up everything on earth.

Progressives have the same religious concept and it is proudly expressed as “The personal is political.”



Thomas St Thomas

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